MindSpace Design philosophy developed by James Houston

Create a home interior that sets you up for success in all areas of your life.

Most people live in a home that represents and connects them to their past.

They are surrounded by objects and elements that subconsciously connect them to a negative memory or experience. Every day these Negative Anchors from their past hold them back from moving forward to achieve their future goals and dreams.

The ‘MindSpace Design process teaches you how to identify and get rid of negative objects, elements and clutter and create a home interior that represents and connects you to the future life you really want to be living. Your home vibe can now support you every single day to feel inspired and motivated to achieve that awesome result.

Australian born James Houston moved to New York in 1999 following his dream to become a leading international Photographer. The challenges he faced over the first few years brought him to the lowest point in his life. Defeated, depressed and filled with despair he accidently stumbled onto a process and philosophy for designing his home interior that would change his life forever. He used a form of ‘anchoring’ by placing objects in his home that represented his future dreams and goals and the life he really wanted to experience. By acknowledging these objects and elements (Positive Anchors) daily and connecting to the feeling of the result they represented he created a home vibe that motivated and inspired him every single day.

James went on to becomes one of the world’s leading beauty photographers, shooting international campaigns for L’Oreal Paris, GAP, Hugo Boss and Givenchy. He lived out his dream of photographing the world’s top models and celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Emma Watson, Hugh Jackman and Christy Turlington. Financial abundance started to flow into his life which allowed him to purchase a beautiful two-bedroom apartment in the West Village.

He used the same process to design this new home interior to represent more future success he wanted to experience and the incredible results continued to manifest. Five international award-winning books were published on his photography work which has been exhibited in Asia, Australia, America and Europe. Each of his books was associated with a large community project and with the support of celebrities such as Hugh Jackman and Sir Elton John he has been able to raise millions of dollars for various charities worldwide.

James has an impressive list of both professional and personal achievements that he used the same interior design process to help him achieve. He calls this process ‘MindSpace Design’

He describes ‘MindSpace Design’ as a simple 3 step process that inspires anyone to take responsibility for their own home vibe

STEP 1 – Remove Negative Anchors – Remove the objects and elements in each room that represent something negative from your past.  

STEP 2 – Establish Your Positive Anchors – Select objects and elements that represent the future goals and dreams you have for the various categories of your life.

STEP 3- Anchors in Action – Consciously acknowledge your Positive Anchors daily, connecting to the feeling or ‘vibe’ that goal represents.

Just as Pavlov trained dogs to salivate when they heard a bell ringing anyone can use Positive Anchors in your home to train yourself to connect subconsciously to how it feels to be living a life of your dreams.

It’s like living in a Vision Board.

Your home is the only environment you can control and using the MindSpace Design process it can become a beautiful space with a powerful vibe that inspires and supports you every single day to go out and achieve the life you really want to be living.